Farm Supplies

Farm Supplies

From rubber boots and heavy-duty farm wear to eartags, fencing wire and waterbowls, we carry what you need to keep your operation running smoothly. So you can get back to work.


Naturesorb Peat Moss Bedding

Clean and bed stalls with ease!

Formulated specifically for the agricultural market, this all-natural, weed and synthetic free peat moss livestock bedding makes cleaning stalls and spreading manure much easier. In 3 cu. ft. bags and 55 cu. ft. bags. (Due to high demand, we are booking 4-6 weeks ahead for full and split trailer loads.)

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Silage Covers

Raven Industries & Berry|bpi agriculture brand plastic: A full line of Siloform black and white and FeedFresh Silage Covers, available in 25’ – 80’ wide and lengths from 100’ up to 1000’. Large or custom sizes are available upon request. 


Twine and Wrap

Grand Harvest: Plastic and sisal twine, as well as net and silage wrap.


CCIA: Eartags for beef and sheep industry
Allflex: feedlot and button tags and applicators

Medicating Systems

Stock Doctor: complete medicating system units and parts available, as well as repair services.

Livestock Prods

Hot Shot: battery powered and rechargeable units with an assortment of prod shafts, as well as replacement parts.

Peat Moss Bedding

Naturesorb: all-natural, weed and synthetic free, in 3 cu. ft. bags and 55 cu. ft. bags. Great as livestock bedding to make cleaning stalls and spreading manure easier.


Johnson Concrete Products: We carry energy-free (constant-flow) and electric models in a variety of sizes, as well as replacement parts.
Ritchie®: We can order a variety of constant flow and heated water bowls for indoor and outdoor use in both plastic and metal, and for a variety of different livestock.


Gallagher™: We carry several Gallagher electrified fencing products in stock and can order from their full product line.
Repair service: available for Gallagher fencers.

Work Clothes

We stock coveralls, outerwear, rubber boots, work gloves hearing protection and more.

Farm Hardware and Additional Products

Other items include a variety of forks, shovels, welding supplies, tie straps, clevis hooks etc.
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