Animal Health

Animal Health

B & L Farm Services Ltd. carries a variety of proven animal health products – and supplies such as electrolytes, syringes and needles, horse-care products and fly sprays – to promote optimum health and performance for your livestock.


Safe-Guard® Suspension & Crumbles

Deworm anytime!

Different from other wormers, Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) goes to the gut, killing worms where they live. Available in an oral suspension 10% or crumble 0.5%.

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Parasite Control

Ivomec® and AVL Ivermectin Pour-on for Cattle: To control mature and immature stages of internal and external parasites in cattle, including many species of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, grubs, sucking lice and mange mites. Available in both pour-on and injectable.

Safe-guard®: To deworm cattle with a single dose. By deworming and feeding in one step, Safeguard makes rotational deworming a lot easier and simplier. Available in premix, crumbles or suspension.

Vetolice®: To control biting lice and horn flies on beef, and lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle in a pour-on insecticide solution.

Implants & Injectables

Due to Health Canada Anitimicrobial Policy changes that will be effective December 1, 2018, we are sold out and no longer able to stock or sell the following products: Component® brand implants, Revalor or Compudose brand implants, Oxytetracycline LA injectable or Penicillin injectable. Aureomycin diluted crumbles and AS700 crumbles also fall into this category.

Tasvax 8: To prevent clostridial diseases in cattle. Provides passive immunity via colostrum in young calves from vaccinated mothers. In a variety of sizes. (still available)




Now available…

B&L Farm Services Ltd. is now pleased to be carrying CyLence Pour-On for Beef and Dairy cattle. For control of Horn Flies and Chewing and/or Sucking Lice on both beef and dairy (including lactating) cattle. CyLence is a ready-to-use solution applied along the top of the head and back of your animal. Treatment for flies can be repeated up to a max of 3 times per year but leaving 3 weeks in between treatments. For optimal lice control, it is recommended to apply a second treatment 3 weeks after the initial treatment. There is a one-day withdrawal for slaughter.

It is available in 3 L jug or 500 ml bottle.


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