Feeds, Supplements and Minerals for Beef, Dairy and Equine Health

Prime Time mineral/premixes have been designed for local forage/pasture. Flavouring added to minerals ensure proper intake.

Prime Time Brood Cow Premix

• Elevated trace minerals assist in maximizing health. Lower feeding rate allows for one lowest cost/cow/day on market.

Prime Time Beef Cow Calving Premix

• Elevated Trace minerals in chelated form help in cow & new born calf's health along with maximum growth in calf. Research also shows 1st cycle breeding vastly improves.

B&L Farm Services Ltd will provide the following nutritional services to you:

Beef Plus Program

• Ration Balancing: Fast and flexible in-house service using the Michigan State computer program. Gives

  accurate performance and cost estimates to suit cattle coming into your yard.

• Individual Pen Feed Batching Sheets: Horizontal feeding sheet that provides all feedstuffs at the same

  percentage of ration as cattle intakes increase and decrease.

• DMI Tracking & Graphing: Work with the producer to interpret and focus on areas of improvement in


• Forage & TMR Analysis: 50% discount on lab costs.

• Nutrition & Ration Analysis: Evaluation of feed ingredients, implants, additives, etc.

• Close-Out Reviews: Review of actual closeout average daily grain, feed efficiency, DMI and cost/lb.

• TMR Evaluation: Checking consistency – rating mix, quality of nutrient distribution and quality of medication   distribution.

• Mixer Review: Observation report at time of mixing.

• Feedlot Close Out Program: Customizable to your farm.

Dairy Plus Program

• Routine farm calls, dependent on producers’ scheduled needs.

• Forage and TMR Analysis: Timely and accurate, also analyzed at 50% discount on lab costs.

• Ration Balancing: Using Daisy Spartan & AMTS programs to meet farm goals while maximizing forages.

• Communication: With veterinarian and other farm specialists on an ongoing basis, working together to achieve herd production, reproduction and health goals.

• Interpret DHIA, DFO, Dairy Comp & Herd Health reports.

• Availability: Always available to answer inquiries in person or by phone, fax or email.

• Dairy Herd Management: Comparing monthly/annual reports on production, physical herd detail

(calving, lactating or dry cows), herd health (SSC, retained placentas, DA’s, hoof care, etc.) on farm.

• Dairy Herd Environment Audit: Takes a look at your herd from cow level to see if there are any opportunities to optimize cow comfort.

• Particle Size & Manure Screening Monitoring: For optimization of animals’ diets.


We at B&L Farm Services are proud to carry Canadian-made Brooks Performance Horse Feeds for the benefit of your equine stock. Brooks Performance Feeds, located in Port Perry Ontario, manufactures and distributes feeds and supplements for all classes of horses, with a commitment to quality and a dedication to be Ontario’s leader in equine nutrition.

• Phase 1: Optimum safe growth for foals (textured or pelleted)

• Phase 2: Low glycemic growth and conditioning formula for yearlings and broodmares (textured or pelleted)

• Phase 3: Balanced energy for ultimate performance, for hard working performance horses (textured or pelleted)

• Fibre O Plus: Maximum controllable energy with reduced NSC to fuel elite champion equine athletes (textured)

• Flax Appeal: An all-natural supplement rich in essential fatty acids for health and performance

• Leading Edge: High quality fibre, multiple fat sources and a moderate starch level for the demanding needs of competitive performance horses and horses in training (textured)

• Photo Finish: A blend of digestible fibres and multiple fat sources for sustained energy and stamina combined with controlled level of quick energy carbohydrates for speed and power with added prebiotics and probiotics (textured)

• Brooks 12%: A palatable textured ration nutritionally balanced for active mature horses (textured)

• Competition Plus: Optimum energy, optimum performance without corn (textured)

We also have access to more Brooks Performance Horse Feeds and supplements just give us a call for more information.

For more information about these programs or products, please contact us.

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